Dear ISACA Lebanon Chapter,


ISACA continues to recognize top contenders for the K. Wayne Snipes Best Chapter Award, in addition to the winner.  We are so pleased to recognize the Lebanon Chapter with honorable mention in your region for 2016. Honorable mentions are given to chapters who did not win the K. Wayne Snipes award, however, still excelled as a top chapter throughout the year.  As information, the winner in your region and size category for the best chapter award was granted to the Sri Lanka Chapter. Our congratulations go out both to the winners and to those achieving this prestigious honorable mention.   


As a K. Wayne Snipes honorable mention chapter, your chapter will be:


  • Listed in the awards section of the Chapter Leader Portal of the ISACA web site;  
  • Given an electronic seal that you can post on your chapter’s web site; and  
  • Be formally recognized in front of your peers at the 2017 Asia Leadership Conference that is taking place in Dubai, UAE later this year.   


We extend our most sincere gratitude to you and your chapter board for all the hard work you have put into making your chapter so successful.  Congratulations again on being recognized as one of ISACA’s outstanding chapters, and we wish you many more years of continued success!


Thank you.